Over 30+ years of Interior Construction Excellence


Established over 30+ years ago, Rivco Construction is one of leading companies in the interior construction field in the tri-state area. We are a family owned business which specializes in complex drywall, acoustics and carpentry projects.  Our clients include top Financial, Entertainment, Hospitality, Broadcasting, Law, Media, Advertising, Health Care and Fashion companies. Attention to detail, schedule awareness, innovation and quality of work are the backbone of our business.  We deliver projects beyond all expectations.





acoustical ceilings




Rivco Construction’s mission is to continue serving our clients with an honest, reliable performance and a customer-first philosophy. We are dedicated to the structural integrity of each job and to improving a full-service of quality construction as we have since 1989. Our construction team respects the client and general contractor, as we partner to develop projects that will enhance the lifestyle and dreams of the tri-state area.